Croatia, Dubrovnik – host of the manifestation

Thirteenth World championship of model ships gathered more than 170 best ship-modellers with 250 models in the most prestige modelling class. The championship was organized by the Croatian Ship-modelling Alliance and the Centre of technical culture Rijeka. Many individuals and institutions were included in the organisation and without their help that challenging venture would not be possible. The event took place under the auspices of Stjepan Mesić, the President of Croatia, and the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and co-sponsorship of the City of Dubrovnik, County of Dubrovnik-Neretva, Ministry of science, education and sports and the Croatian technical culture community. Arrival of such a high number of the world’s finest ship-modellers and excellent sponsorship point to significance of the championship, as well as to high interest of the general public. The opening ceremony included a procession of the participants, accompanied by majorettes and Dubrovnik city orchestra. The participants, along with numerous citizens, were addressed by Stjepan Mesić, the president of Croatia, and by Dubravka Šuica, the mayor of Dubrovnik. The president officially stated the beginning of the championship. Afterwards, a maritime spectacle, Jedra Dubrovnika (The Sails of Dubrovnik), took place. Replicas of two old Dubrovnik sailing ships – a galleon and a carrack, met in the city harbour, where they performed a beautiful and elegant manoeuvre with fireworks. A large number of participants in renaissance costumes faithfully portrayed the setting of the past. Then, guests and invitees participated on an elegant banquet in the Revelin fort. The ambient was suitably decorated with young olive trees and appropriate combinations of light, while the world’s best ship-modellers were presented to numerous visitors. The championship took place simultaneously, which made the exhibition even more interesting. Besides the exhibition and the championship, program of the entire manifestation was enriched by numerous additional events, such as evening concerts of classical and jazz music, klapa singing, suitable presentations and fieldtrips for the participants.