Croatian ship modelers Association (HSB) was established on 9th November 2001. It is a member of the World ship-modelers organization NAVIGA and Croatian technical culture community.

Tracing the role of civil society and the Croatian tradition, the main goal of HSB is to promote and develop ship- modeling and the related technical creativity, which is achieved by synchronizing the participation of members in the development of Association's activities, by supporting and motivating club members, especially the young, in order to raise the level of ship-modeling literacy by performing educational and modeling projects, as well as to free, develop and confirm their creative capabilities creating the conditions for the promotion of vocational training of members and program managers of the technique and ship-modeling through consultation, training courses, seminars and presentations.

HSB's work program consists of five key parts: education of judges and ship-modelers, organizing state and international contests and exhibitions, participating in international ship modeler’s contests, preparing manuals, creating library of plans, books and lectures.

Present members of HSB are: Ship-modelers’ society Argosy (Dubrovnik), the Association of ship modelers Liburno (Rijeka), the Association of ship modelers Iverak (Zagreb), the Association of ship modelers Leut (Makarska) and the Technical culture center Rijeka (Rijeka).

The main achievements of HSB are:

  • Organization of 15 national contests of ship modelers – with participation of 29 - 48 shipmodelers from all over Croatia per contest with 35 - 82 models
  • Successful performance of the Croatian national ship-modelers team at14 international contests: 7 Europian (1999., 2001., 2003., 2005., 2007., 2009., 2011.) i 7 World contests (1997., 1998., 2000., 2004., 2006., 2008., 2010.) 52 medals were won in the international contests: 2 gold (also the absolute best model in its category), 12 silver and 38 bronze;
  • Professional training of ship modelers and judges (Croatia has 9 international licensed judges for ship modelers' contests)
  • Organizing World ship modelers' contest in 2006 in Dubrovnik, under the auspices of the Croatian president and the government of the Republic of Croatia, in which 173 modelers participated with their 233 models of ships. The exhibition was visited by more than 4000 visitors.

A special contribution to the development of contemporary Croatian ship modeling was provided by Mladen Mitić and Olivera Stanić and Technical culture center Rijeka.