The association of shipmodellers “Liburno”

Name of the organization: Shipmodeling association “Liburno”
Headquarters and the address of the organization: Korzo 2a/II, 51000 Rijeka
Telephone: 051 211 305
Fax: 051 211 305
E-mail: -
Web: -
Name and surname of the president/chairman: Branimir Šoić
Name and surname of the secretary: Miroslav Tinova
Year of foundation: 1998.g.
Register date: 10.11.1998.
Register number: 08001034
Registered at: Office for General Administration of Primorsko-Goranska County
Geographical area of association's operation: Primorsko-goranska County
Number of association's members: 22

Ship modeling association Liburno from Rijeka was founded in 1998. although its members were informally associated and operated in the same way even before registering. It was established with a goal of encouraging ship modeling in the area of Rijeka and beyond. The basic goal of operation and work of the Liburno association is to gather present and future shipmodelers, as well as promoting ship modeling through organized, quality and professional implementation of different activities aimed at professional development of youth and making them literate, employees and other citizens in the area of ship modeling. In 1992, the 15th exhibition of ship models was organized. Then it was the largest exhibition of Rijeka's ship modelers, anent to 500th anniversary of discovering America - Colombo’s crossing over the Atlantic; in the ground floor windows of department store «RI» on the Korzo, and 18 artists from Rijeka exhibited 67 ship models.

The association gathers people who are engaged in ship modeling, creating static ship models. All members are active exhibitors in contests: state and international; they make the majority of Croatian representation in European and World contest and exhibitions. Traditionally they exhibit on many festivals: Days of technical culture Rijeka, Nautical fair of Rijeka etc. During the years, members of the Liburno association have won many local and international medals and recognitions.