Center of technical culture Rijeka

Name of the organization: Center of technical culture Rijeka
Short name: CTK Rijeka
Headquarters and the address of the organization: Školjić 5d, 51000 Rijeka
Telephone: 051 327 185, 327 187
Fax: 051 338 531
Name and surname of the president/chairman: Marko Sokolić
Name and surname of the secretary: Olivera Stanić
Year of foundation: 1993.g.
Register date:
Register number:
Registered at: Office for General administration of Primorsko-Goranska County
Geographical area of association's operation: Primorsko-goranska County
Number of members:

Center of technical culture Rijeka is a non-profit independent organization registered in 1993.on the initiative of Society of technical culture with a goal to encourage and promote technical culture, informatics and culture in general through organized content with a purpose to encourage interest of children, youth, employees and other citizens in the area of scientific, technical and informatics culture with its appliance in economic and everyday life, and promotion of scientific technical, informatics and cultural accomplishment. Work of the organization is coordinated and supervised by Executive and Supervisory board that consist of nine members of the Executive Board and three members of the Supervisory board.

Through organized contents, extracurricular education encourages primarily the young and then other citizens, to be literate, educated and professionally trained in the field of technical and informatics culture. Programs are based on individual approach and development of person’s competencies. The final goal is, by strengthening the individual, referring him to the practical application of acquired knowledge and skills, to strengthen the environment in which he acts, and especially civil sector. Through partnership projects, the Center helps associations to grow technologically and informational, and to encourage their members on personal growth and technical-technological literacy. By encouraging communication and awareness, personal involvement of an individual increases, which directly influences the development of civil society.

CTK Rijeka, in its former work realized a great number of programs/projects. Working with different aimed groups of people, always focused on use of informatics communicational technology in direct appliance in purpose of improving the standard, and development of civil and democratic society. Continuously exercises educational programs, programs of training and professional specialization of the youth and other citizens, showing that technical and informatics literacy of the citizenship is one of the preconditions of development of civil and democratic society. While implementing the program, it is important to equally involve users no matter the personal differences. Programs are realized with the help of other associations and representatives of local self-bureau and with some partnership relations are developed, regarding appropriate area of action and necessary competencies.