Shipmodeling association “Leut” Makarska

Name of the organization: Shipmodeling association “Leut” Makarska
Headquarters and the address of the organization: -
Telephone: 091/5131 189 Fax: -
E-mail: -
Web: -
Name and surname of the president/chairman: Čapeta Milivoj
Name and surname of the secretary: Mladinov Slaven
Year of foundation: 1.3.2007.
Register date: 30.4.2007.
Register number: 17002883
MB: 2233363
Registered at:
Geographical area of association's operation:
Number of members: 12

Inaugural Assembly of model shipbuilding club "Leut" was held in April 2007 with a convinient exhibition of the new ten members. Model shipbuilding in Makarska found its place in 1949 when Maritime-shiping association of National technique at that time located in Zagreb took initiative and encouraged foundation of PBD's known as today's J.K.Bura. Not long after that, a place for association was given and technical culture and model shipbuilding started to prosper. So in 1967 at club exhibition took place.

Overall activity in past period unfortunately fell down to organizing of exhibitions in Makarska and Podgora. Orientation of association with members approval is oriented on ships from Adriatic for which there are justified reasons.