Luciano Keber

Luciano Keber was born in 1960. in Rijeka. He works in Harbormaster in Bakar. He started ship modeling in elementary school. Through his 35-year experience in ship modeling he has built many models and had many independent exhibitions in Bakar, Rijeka, Zagreb and Murter. He also exhibited collectively in Croatian cities Rijeka, Krk, Punat, Senj and Zagreb. Luciano exhibits also in international exhibitions in Italy, Portugal, Canada and Great Britain. Since 1993. he has participated in international ship modeling competitions. In 1993. he won the first Croatian award in an international competition. As the head of Rijeka ship modelers, he prepared many joint exhibitions, and in 1995, in cooperation with CTK Rijeka he initiated organization of state competitions. Since 1997, he became an international judge for ship modeling. Until 2004 he was the chairman of the Croatian Ship modeling Alliance which he initiated and founded. He is the author of two books, the first literature in Croatian in the area of ship modeling «Traditional boats of the Croatian Adriatic» and «The manual for making of the trabakul model». He transfers his experience and knowledge on younger generations, being a consulter to many ship modelers. His articles are regularly published in maritime themes journals. He has won many awards for his contribution to technical culture.