National competition - 2014

Naval Cutter H.M.S. Alert 1777
- Absolutely best model of 19th National Ship Modeling Competition -

18 ship modelers and 29 ship models were competing this weekend in Rijeka on 19th National Ship Modeling Competition according to NAVIGA rules. 13 accolades were presented, and absolutely best ship model was Roland Vlahović's Naval Cutter H.M.S. Alert 1777.

National Ship Modeling Competition is organized in Rijeka since 1995, and since its beginning it has become traditional event in our city. Every even year, ship modelers compete according to NAVIGA rules, and every odd year they compete according to the national rules. The difference is that, according to national rules, only Croatian traditional ship models can compete..

About 19th National Ship Modeling Competition according to NAVIGA rules

This year the competition was according to NAVIGA rules, that is, according to the rules of World organization for building ship models and ship modelers and modeling sport. From 7 possible categories in which modelers can compete, 5 were represented on competition - Models with oars and sails (C1), Models of motor drive ships (C2), Models of engines/installations (C3), Ships in a bottle (C5) and Plastic models (C6).

Judges Luciano Keber (main judge), Mladen Mitić (second judge) and Branko Vekarić (third judge) were allowed to rate the ship with maximum of 100 points. With the application for the competition, every modeler has to include blueprints and all of the documents used in building the model.

According to rules, every judge can give maximum of 100 points. Final rating is the average of the three judges' ratings. Im the model gets rated between 85 and 89.67 points, it is awarded bronze medal. If it gets rated between 90 and 94.67 points, it is awarded silver medal, and between 95 and 100 points it is awarded gold medal.

This year 4 models were awarded bronze medal - Roland Vlahović's - Kurfurst and Uboot 552, Bogoljub Dokmanović's Barkantina and Mili Šantić's Pelig. Bronze medals were awarded to Edi Šimetić for Enrica, Matija Felinger for Bluenose and Trabakul, Željko Fredotović for Jacinthe and Requin and Željko Skomeršić forAdmiral Tegetthoff.

Gold medals were awarded to three models - Željko Skomeršić's Trabakul and Roland Vlahović's Jadran and H.M.S. Alert 1777. lert 1777. Every year the model with highest score is declared absolutely best model of competioion, and this year with 99 points this title was awarded H.M.S. Alert 1777 by Roland Vlahović.

10th Croatian rating exhibition of model ships "Rijeka 2014"

Every year after the National competition, models are displayed on the Croatian rating exhibition of model ships. The organizers, Centre of Technical Culture Rijeka and Croatian ship modelers association decided that this year exhibition is going to be a present to citizens of Rijeka, as well as visitors who come to Rijeka. This year, exhibition is especially accessible to public because the models are exhibited in strict city center - in City of Rijeka display windows and in the display windows of Rijeka Architect Society. Citizens can freely peek in the display windows and see how the ship modelers have presented their art of making ship models this year. Like previous years, this year's competition and exhibition sponsor was the President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović, Ph.D., and the donors were City of Rijeka and Primorje-Gorski kotar County.