National competition - 2000

Jadranske Ribarice Gajete
Sašenko Franić

Croatian evaluation exhibition of ship models "Rijeka 2000", by NAVIGA rules, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications, Primorsko-Goranska county and the city Rijeka was held from 15th till 21th May 2000. in Filodramatica in Rijeka. 37 modelers with over 60 models participated. On this exhibition again were proven best Croatian ship modelers, but this exibithion also gathered number of new authors, which shows that longterm efforts still result in positive results. On this competition less medals were given then in previos years because of the reason of raising criteria by international rules. This year the judge team has been expanded also, with previous three judges and one extra, on plus five extras. Judges were modelers from different parts of Croatia (Rijeka, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Rovinj). That way was chosen to get more on the quality and credibility of evaluation and the competition.
Gold medal was won by: Sašenko Franić (Adriatic fishboats). Silver medal was won by: Željko Skomeršić (Loger i Adriatic sailboats), Stanislav Crnjević (Ketch of northen sea), Nenad Bojmić (Dubrovnik's galijun). Bronce medal was won by: Nenad Bojmić (Super 10 i english yacht 1830.), Mladen Kukolj (Sailboat's equipment), Mladen Mitić (Leut), Ilija Žaja (Fishboats with sails), Bogoljub Dokmanović (Tal.goleta Scirocco), Miroslav Tinova (Galijun Golden Hind).

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