National competition - 2001

Luciano Keber

Croatian evaluation exhibition of ship models "Rijeka 2001" by National rules under, the sponsorship of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications, Primorsko-Goranska county and the city Rijeka was held from 2nd july till 14th july 2001. in Multimedia center on Školjić. 48 modelers participated with over 60 exhibitions. Judging team consisted of five judges and gave gold medal to Lucian Keber for traditional ships of Croatian Adriatic. Silver medal was won by Josip Rumora for ship Pulaka, and Skomeršić Željko with Adriatic sailboats. Bronce medal was won by: Mandić Milojko (Trabakul), Mitić Mladen (Šambek), Tinova Miroslav (Bark), Žaja Ilija (Dalmatian fishboats), Pavličević Antun Tonči (Tartana), Mitić Mladen (Leut), Fredotović Željko (Loger 1907), Toni Miknić (Betinian gajeta), Martinović Albert Ižanin (Dubrovnik's koka). Exhibition had

The exhibition had supporting facilities; course of ship modeling was organized, a course for the boat, and the kids work on the theme of ships decorated the showroom. The exhibition was visited by the children of preschool and school age of Rijeka.

Evaluation list: